EXCEEMO LED brilliance

EXCEEMO LED light products (retrofit and installation solutions) meet exceptional demands on lightfastness, durability and excellent product quality, coupled with a low price.

To meet these demands, EXCEEMO has used LM-80 tested SYXEM® High Power LEDs from its own in-house production with an unbeatable low thermal resistance and excellent heat dissipation.

The patented heat dissipation of the SYXEM® High performance LEDs combined with the aluminum heatsink - all EXCEEMO bulbs have a standard mounted aluminium heatsink - make sure that the EXCEEMO LED Lighting sources do not overheat and their minimum operation life of 43,000 hours lasts without being damaged.

After a short time of application, overheating is the main reason for the failure of LED light products. Additionally, thermally overloaded LED light products reduce very quickly their luminosity and their lifetime decreases drastically.

This will not happen to you if you use EXCEEMO’s LED light products.

The patented LED technology combined with aluminium heatsink protects our LED light products against these effects.

Thanks to the extremely high durability and the excellent color rendering index (CRI) of standard ≥80 up to (depending on model) ≥95, you as user will be able to optimally illuminate your rooms or products. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy EXCEEMO LED light products for a very long time.

Everywhere is the same Light

The EXCEEMO LED light products feature the unique ≤3 sdcm (3-Step-MacAdam) value for the standard deviation of color temperature matching and the same color temperatures for all EXCEEMO light products:

• 3000 K = warm white und 5700 K = daylight white for CRI ≥80 products

• 3000 K = warm white und 5500 K = daylight white for CRI ≥95 products

Why is this 3-Step-MacAdam standard deviation of color temperature matching?

Why is this value so excellent?

As you may have already noticed that no a single LED lamp illuminates similarly in many light installations. Especially when they are installed directly next to each other or more LED light products are used in the same room. Even if several LED light products are purchased from the same brand or the same series at once, occasionally they light in different color temperatures.

The phenomenon of these color temperature differences has been largely unknown in conventional incandescent and halogen lamps. The built-in LED chips which are applied in LED lamps may have differences in color temperature even due to the slightest fluctuations in production.

Since 2014, based on the statutory regulation, the market standard in terms of color temperature deviation is specified with ≤6 sdcm (6-Step-MacAdam) max. for LED light products, you can see the color temperature difference easily.

However, is it crucial for you to have a homogeneous illumination relating to the light color temperature? You would like to have the same light everywhere, even if you want to light up large shop areas, restaurants and hotels?

Then you have found the right partner with EXCEEMO!

Because using our LED light products you will obtain the excellent, cross-product color temperature deviation of ≤3 sdcm (3-Step-MacAdam)!

Everywhere is the same light!

The Profi-LED AluLine LED light products provided by EXCEEMO offer you this great advantage! According to publicly available scientific analyses/opinions, people with normal vision are not able to see the difference between various lights of the same color temperature as long as the LED lights comply with the low value of ≤3 sdcm (3-Step-MacAdam).

Perfect for you if you would like to illuminate large areas using several LED light products (e.g. catering, hotel, shop, etc.).
You are continually able to buy from us ≤3 sdcm LED light products, without having any problems with difference in the color temperature of the new LED light products compared to the previously purchased ones.

Thus, you will benefit from the excellent costs scalability and the consistent visual appearance of your lighting will be retained.

After unpacking the LED light products you will notice immediately the outstanding quality of EXCEEMO LED light products with aluminum heatsink.
This haptic experience will further strengthen your conviction that you have purchased an excellent product.

Your confidence is very important to us!


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