Convincing facts

Excellent alternative – Easy replacement

The professional Retrofit LED lamps of the EXCEEMO Profi LED AluLine series represent an excellent replacement for usage in all applications in which until now conventional incandescent bulbs and energy saving lamps were used.

The professional LED lamps of the EXCEEMO Profi LED AluLine series can be used in all interior areas of application (for exterior area only in light applications which comply with at least IP65) and are easily to screw in conventional holder.

Zero start-up time

Immediately after switching on the lamp, the LED light product shines in a unique light. In comparison to energy-saving lamps you do not have to wait for the gradual illumination of the light. The LED lamp lights up immediately after switching on.

Outstanding durability

With a service life of over 43,000 hours and energy saving of over 80%, the usage of professional LED light products of EXCEEMO Profi LED AluLine series will allow you to save energy costs within the shortest period of time. There will be no annoying repurchase and replacement of conventional light products anymore.
The professional LED light products last 43 times longer than a conventional incandescent bulb. After a service life of 43.000 hours, the professional LED lamp still offers at least 70% luminosity of a new LED lamp. This sensational performance is achieved by patented LED-component solutions in combination with a standard built-in aluminum heatsink.

Environmentally friendly

Because the professional LED lamps of the EXCEEMO Profi LED AluLine series are mercury and lead-free, containing no glass and no incandescent filament, they are an environmentally friendly, robust, extremely durable and very cost-effective light products for all usages.

Just screw it in and you can start sasving energy costs immediately.



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