The professional LED panel lamps of EXCEEMO Profi-LED AluLine series will illuminate your premises/shops/offices with a brilliant light and create uniquely comfortable ambience for your customers and employees. With extremely long service life of over 43.000 operating hours and supremely low energy and maintenance costs, you can save a small fortune compared with conventional light products. Moreover, you make a substantial contribution to environmental protection because our LED light products are mercury and lead-free. Apart from the outstanding color temperature stability and cross-product consistent light color, you will be also inspired by our products in terms of previously unimaginable lighting experience and excellent light output.

  • Ideal replacement for conventional recessed ceiling lights
  • Uniquely comfortable ambience thanks to brilliant light quality
  • Outstanding service life of over 43.000 operating hours
  • Excellent retention of luminous intensity and light color over the entire lifespan
  • Full brightness immediately after switching on
  • Cross-product consistent light color
  • Homogeneous light distribution comparable to OLED
  • Flicker-free operation
  • Superb quality through own production line





The patented heat dissipation of the SYXEM® High performance LEDs combined with the aluminum heat-sink - all EXCEEMO bulbs have a standard mounted aluminium heat sink - make sure that the EXCEEMO LED Lighting sources do not overheat and their minimum operation life of 43.000 hours lasts without being damaged.
After a short time of application, overheating is the main reason for the failure of LED lamps. Additionally, thermally overloaded LED lamps reduce very quickly their luminosity and their lifetime decreases drastically.
This will not happen to you if you use EXCEEMO’s LED lamps. The patented LED technology combined with aluminium heat sink protects our LED Lighting sources against these effects.

Ordering code EXP46W625 EXP46D625 EXPE46W625 EXPE46D625
Nominal Wattage 46 W 46 W 46 W 46 W
Light color warm white (3000 K) daylight white (5700 K) warm white (3000 K) daylight white (5700 K)
Standard Deviation
of Color Matching
≤3 sdcm ≤3 sdcm ≤6 sdcm ≤6 sdcm
Lumen ≥3800 lm ≥4200 lm ≥3800 lm ≥4200 lm
CRI ≥80 ≥80 ≥80 ≥80
Life time (hours) 50.000 50.000 50.000 50.000
Switching cycles (on/off) 100.000 100.000 100.000 100.000
Voltage (V) AC 100~240V AC 100~240V AC 100~240V AC 100~240V
Energy efficiency class A+ A+ A+ A+
Dimensions 621 x 621 mm 621 x 621 mm 621 x 621 mm 621 x 621 mm
Base - - - -
  • General lighting
  • Office (daylight recommended), Living area (warm white recommended)
  • Spotlighting temperature sensitive objects such as plants, groceries, etc.
  • Office rooms
  • Hotel and catering business
  • Shops
  • Shop windows
  • POS Lighting



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