The EXCEEMO’s mission is to establish a fundamental basis for a strategic cooperation with our customers, business partners and employees through high-quality products, outstanding customer service combined with cost-effective product solutions and confidence-building measures. The following key principles describe in the best way what EXCEEMO stands for.



The fundamental principle of the highest product quality has been applied in all our business areas and processes, from development and manufacturing of highly qualitative and innovative products, through to sophisticated design-in of customized application solutions and the implementation of extremely comprehensive test procedures, through to customer-specific product consulting as well as extensive after-sales services. Where we are able, we implement an application of self-manufactured products, such as, for example the patented SYXEM® Hi-Power LEDs that are utilized in our LED lamps and luminaires. By applying the most advanced quality management systems we provide to our customers a guarantee that development, production and sales of our products meet the highest quality standards. This will also ensure every single customer that we have successfully implemented the key principles of quality management in our quality management system and therefore guarantee our highest quality commitment. Our product ranges have constantly been extended by innovative product solutions in order to let our customers take part in changing product and market trends as well as to be able to fulfill the customers’ needs for long-life, modern and highest quality products.



All EXCEEMO activities are aimed at a centralization of customers and gaining their confidence in order to establish sustainable and long-term business relationships. We focus our efforts on offering products of the highest quality in connection with customized and professional customer service from a single source so that the various expectations of our customers could be optimally satisfied. Competence, flexibility and reliability make a significant contribution to supremely positive image of our company and are the key elements of our excellent customer service. Whenever a customer requires our support, the specialized EXCEEMO’s consulting team with proven application expertise is gladly at your disposal round the clock.



An efficient organization structure distinguishes itself by economically effective process operations. This fundamental principle enables us to apply market-oriented manufacturing and delivery methods thanks to the highest flexibility as well as innovative technologies to make all our business processes conform to individual needs of our customers. As a result, EXCEEMO has constantly been capable of a prompt and an effective response to ever changing market requirements by providing its customers not only extremely short time-to-market solutions, but also significant cost reduction potentials and consequently sustainable competitive advantages.



At EXCEEMO we strive for a reliable and benefit-oriented cooperation with our business partners. We are absolutely convinced that only when all business participants are in a position to benefit from a strategic cooperation, a strategic, long-term and sustainable partnership can be successfully built. That is why we establish longstanding business relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees based on mutual trust and utmost professionalism. By following this strategy, we achieve the targets set together with our customers, business partners and employees and thereby experience continuously sustainable success.



We all live in a globalized world that is rapidly changing. Our everyday endeavor is to establish confidence in our company and to confirm this confidence with every single business operation. This is what we work and stand for day by day! In our view, this is only possible through mutual trust and appropriate performance in order to be sustainably committed to our customers, business partners and employees for a very long period of time.


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